Losing weight can be extremely difficult! Am I right? According to statistics one third of adults suffer from the big epidemic that is being over weight. If you are someone who just can’t shake of those extra pounds, the HCG weight loss injection may be a great way to help eliminate stubborn fat. But fear no more! At Revive Med Spa in Murphy, Texas, we may have the solution!*

What is HCG?

Human Chronic Gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG, is a hormone that aids both men and women’s reproductive systems. HCG is what is produced when women are pregnant. Turns out that this natural occurring hormone hormone resets your metabolism so that you may lose weight.* When taking HCG injections, a low calorie diet must be followed in order to ensure that body fat is breaking down at a faster rate.* In short, HCG tricks the body into believing it is getting the calories it needs.

What HCG plan do I follow?

At Revive Med Spa, one of our specialists will craft a plan that best suits your needs. You will be able to choose a plan that you are most comfortable with!

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