If you’re seeking to improve your hormonal levels, but you don’t want to take unnatural medication, then Revive Med Spa may have just the treatment for you. Hormone Replacement Therapy is known to re-establish balance and restore testosterone or estrogen. This treatment is typically accomplished through BioTe Pellets, prescription medication, or injections. The pellets and injections are made from bio-identical hormones that replicate the body’s normal levels. Hormone Replacement Therapy is safe for all body types and lifestyles, so that it truly accommodates your individual needs.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

BioTe Medical Method is able to promote consistent hormone levels for three to five months. Pellets are created by fusing estrogen or testosterone into a small cylinders (usually performed by a compounding pharmacist), then administered in fatty tissue beneath the skin, where it can be absorbed by your body. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice, so you won’t feel the pellet once it’s there. Though small, this one pellet is able to produce and sustain a steady release of hormones as the body metabolizes it. It doesn’t replace or override, but rather stimulates the body’s natural process of releasing hormones.

For your convenience and preference, we also provide Hormone Replacement Therapy in the form of prescription medication. These drugs can be taken orally from home, with instructions from our medical professionals.

More Information

For more information regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy and which method would be best for you, you can schedule a consultation with our Murphy, TX office. Revive Med Spa is devoted to health and wellness, offering natural treatments and solutions to everyday problems.

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